Programme & Upcoming Work

Current illustrative programme

October 2021

Site mobilisation

McLaren arrive on site and begin preparation works for the start of construction.

November 2021

Crane erection

A tower crane will be delivered to site and erected over the weekend of 20th – 21st November 2021. This will require a temporary closure of this end of Commercial Road in order to allow safe delivery. Diversions will be put in place as part of this for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

December 2021

Christmas site closure

The site is due to close for Christmas by 24th December 2021 and will reopen during the week commencing 3rd January 2022. The site will be secured and no work will take place between these provisional dates, which will be updated once a final decision has been taken.

January – February 2022

Construction works

Since January 2022, the construction team have been working on the base of the building, concentrating on the build of the concrete frame to begin.

The concrete structure will continue in February where the team will be working on level 5 of the building main core and will be up to level 2 on the main floor plates. In addition to this, supporting structures (known as jump core walls) will be completed, and temporary building supplies, including the electrics, will also be added to the site.

Over the next six weeks (March to mid-April, the team will be continuing with the concrete frame as well as preparation the ground around the perimeter of the frame for the scaffold to commence.

April - May 2022

Envelope materials brought on site

During this period, materials for the buildings, including materials for the envelope such as bricks glass windows, will be brought to allow the envelope to commence.

June – September 2022

Autumn update

Over summer, we saw intense hot weather, and we are now starting to prepare for autumn with higher winds and wet weather.

Block update

  • The last of the hoists have been installed to Block A as its structure is now complete, with curtain walling being installed at level 7. The external scaffold is complete, with glazing to be installed in the next period
  • Block B structure is continuing to make good progress, now at level 16 and the jump core at level 20, and is on track to be completed at the end of 2022. Brickwork has recommenced on Block B
  • Internal Drylining continues in the building now on levels 1-4 in Block B, along with the refuse chute installation continuing in the building
  • Multiple trades are now active across both Blocks A & B on site with operative numbers now averaging at 160
  • The basement plant has been delivered and positioned into the building’s basement which will now allow blockwork to continue, and cover slab to be completed to the ground floor slab
  • We have given notice to the council and TFL advising of the intended tower crane removal date for Oct 2023

During 2024


The development is currently anticipated to be completed during 2024.